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Tuesday, November 10

Again, Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey celebrated their birthdays together (Nov 9th). Yes, the newly reunited couple were born on the same day.

Both were captured at Il Cielo. Wearing lovely purple dress, 29 years-old Vanessa looked so gorgeous, while 36-years old Nick was wrapped in all in black outfits.

Being asked if they planned to get married, Vanessa and Nick were simply shutting down.

But if only you, guys, had chance, you'd better ask them whether they're willing to have children with the same birthdays as theirs...hahahaha if so, you would be invited to another joint-joint birthdays next year!

Happy birthday Vanick!

Source: x17online

Monday, November 9

Earlier this November 9, Vanessa and Nick were spotted having breakfast at Jinky’s in Studio City, CA.

Hmmm, were they making plan to celebrate their birthdays together tonight... ?

Will they make joint birthdays? Will there be a marriage proposal? A wedding ring? Aw...aw...aw...better ask Nick about it!


Monday, October 5

As revealed by Vanessa Minillo when she was out for DSW Shop Designer Shoes For A Cause (September 26), that growing up without a mother was not a big deal. Surely Minnillo's father has also been a 'mother' for her, but simply a mother figure would make a difference.

"I need someone’s guidance and yet, I have also helped guide others.”

So nice to hear Vanessa helping guide others! Not only so hot, but she is also so sweet. But, one thing for anybody to know, the only guidance Vanessa feels comfortable with is Nick Lachey...


Source: gossipcenter

Saturday, August 29

This pics I have here were taken in the Maxim's 10th Annual Hot 100 Celebration in May, just a month before Vanessa and Nick broke up.

The look just fine, don't they?

But, I see there are some mismatch between the two. The clothes...hmmm, I just don't like Vanessa's paper belt. Is it paper? Duh!

I bet each left home by self, met in a certain place, and went to the party together. They just started to look incompatible. Ah, my word...

Wednesday, August 12

The hottest couple Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey has made the hottest news in this hot summer with their hot breakup.

Why is it in the hot summer? Why didn't they just wait for the autumn to come then Nick could directly transferred it into sad musical notes. Euw...I mean, I was waiting for their another hot pictures on beaches and cruises when the news came into my ears.

If someone saw them in a bar after the breakup, did they just meet to share beer and peanuts? How could a rep say that they still speak to each other and hang out as friends? C'mon! They used to be hot, just hot! A three-year hot relationship!

Well, I decide it's nothing interesting to write about friendship. So, I'm thinking about a new guy who's gonna make a lot of hot pics with Vanessa.


Source: sfgate

Friday, November 7

After the confirmation of "True Beauty" January airing, the new reality show competition has pointed a host to bring the show. Vanessa Minnillo, has been picked up to host the show which will be aired regularly on ABC every Mondays at 10 P.M. for 60-minute timeslot.

Further information states that Vanessa will be the head judge of celebrities' panel who analyze the contestants' inner beauty. Joining her on the Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher-produced unique reality show are Cheryl Tiegs and former Top Model judge Nole Martin.

Friday, October 10

Rarely making public appearance as of late, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are reported to have been experiencing tough times in their romance. Despite a confirmation from her representative that the couple is still very much together, an onlooker claimed to have witnessed the pair getting "extremely tense and irritated with each other".

Despite report of a possible break up, on Wednesday, October 8 Nick and Vanessa were seen leaving Magnolia Restaurant in Hollywood, California after having meal together. He was even seen opening the car's door for her. There has yet comment from both of them about the extent of their relationship.

Wednesday, September 24

Vanessa Minnillo is aiming for an equivalent from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

"My goal is to be acting and winning an Oscar," the 27-year-old MTV alum recently told In Touch Weekly. "I want to be an actress with an Oscar and babies."

Minnillo takes inspiration from Julia Roberts who won the Oscar for best actress ("Erin Brockovich") in 2000.

Tuesday, September 16

Vanessa Minnillo follows Carson Daily as the "TRL" host who went on to have a career beyond the show.

Former pageant queen, Minnillo got her start on "TRL" in 2003. After spending a few years hosting TRL, Minnillo has other jobs as an "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent, her own makeup line, an ad campaign for BONGO, a fledgling film and TV career and a high-profile romance with Nick Lachey.

Wednesday, August 27

Vanessa Minnillo is telling to the world what a girl really-really wants from boyfriend.

The Disaster Movie star tells People, "What a girl wants more than anything in the world is for their boyfriend to say 'I love you'," commenting about her cheerleader character who just can't get her boyfriend to say I Love You.

How about her real life? Fortunately, Hollywood is just a fake world. That didn't happen and she is glad that Lachey did say it first.

She says, "The L-word is not thrown around by men as easily as it is by women – but I didn't say it first! He's very loving. We're very open and vocal"

Source: People

Thursday, July 17

You can be freely breathing as finally have found out they are still happy couple together.

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey went out on the town last night. They had dinner at Katsuya and went out for some drinks and fun at Crown nightclub last night.

So, you don't have to worry about the rumors out there...

Tuesday, July 15

Here, you will see how Vanessa goes on shopping spree...

It was a huge grocery shopping as if Vanessa would make a big party. She was spotted leaving the grocery store with not one, but two carts filled with groceries. She looked busy pushed the first of two grocery carts, followed by a store clerk with the other one.

Vanessa looked casual in a matching green zip-up hoodie and track pants ensemble teamed with a pair of flip flops and an oversized handbag.

FYI, next month (August 29th), we’ll be able to catch Vanessa, along with Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra in “Disaster Movie,” the latest in a long line of Hollywood spoof films.

Tuesday, July 8

People may say that dinner is a simple matter. But you must all agree that it is the simplest thing we can do to show love.

After spending weekend in New York City, last night, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo enjoyed a night on the town of Los Angeles together. They were spotted in Sherman Oaks, California grabbing a romantic dinner at Casa Vega.

For the outing, Miss Minnillo sported a girlie light blue button-up dress and strappy heeled sandals while Nick wore a plaid button-up and jeans.

A simple dinner for an extraordinary romance...

Monday, July 7

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo return from their July 4th weekend, landing at LAX on Sunday.

Nick is now busy with High School Musical: Get in the Picture. The show, as we know, as hosted by Nick, is a reality competition series that will pick one talented teen to star in a music video that will play at the end of High School Musical 3: Senior Year. He or she also will win a talent agreement with ABC.

Thursday, June 26

Vanessa Minnillo was pictured wearing a bikini accompanied by Nick Lachey in Lake City, Utah, yesterday.

Nick is currently filming the reality show High School Musical: Get in the Picture that will premiere July 20 on ABC, said:

"Going into this project, I really wanted to be a little bit of a mentor to them. Obviously these kids are all here eyes wide open. It’s a great opportunity for them and I just try to tell them to relax and have fun, be themselves. I think they’re all talented."



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