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Thursday, April 24, 2008

On Maxim interviews, Vanessa tells us her insights about certain things.

About being a public figure:

"I donít have a private life. People donít realize how powerful the media is. Itís a beast. Itís there to build you up and take you down. Itís kind of bittersweet, you know. Like right now weíre doing an interview for a magazine that I love. You need to do press, but you donít ask for it to take over your life. I understand that when I go to work, the paparazzi will be there. But I donít understand why they need to be down my back when I go out of my apartment
at midnight to get some ice cream."

About other celebrities:

"That theyíre just as normal and down-to-earth as everyone else. They wake up in the morning, go to bed at night, and have bad days."

About seeing better town:

"I love L.A., but I love New York more."

About her best moments:

"Having Jim Carrey tell me I was funny. Seeing Beyoncť and Madonna getting nervous backstage."

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